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Fuel System Check

Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors and injection pumps very rarely fail at sea but faults are more likely to show up in poor performance.

Fuel Lift Pump

Diaphragm can fail. Some are fitted with internal filters that can block.

Fuel Pre Filter

This is your first line of defence and changing regularly will show up any problems in your fuel tank. Fuel filter blocked. Defective seals allowing air in.

Fuel Line

Fuel lines blocked normally at bends or any place there is a restriction. Old boats blocked with diesel bug, rust, general muck. New boat's swarf, rubber gloves and sealant. Poor connections allowing air into the system. Any blockages will be between the fuel tank and the pre-filter.

Fuel Tank

Run out of fuel. Fuel gauges can be unreliable especially at the lower end of the scale. Sailing boats motor sailing on a low tank, introducing air into the system when heeled.Build-up of water and dirt in the system making it a breeding ground for the diesel bug. Water put in by mistake/lack of supervision by the skipper!

Fuel Shut Off Valve

Shut by mistake or not opened after servicing. Knocked shut or partially shut by loose gear in lockers. Blocked by debris. Broken valve not opening fully.

Tank Breather

Breather blocked by salt or diesel gum. Breather pipe crushed by loose equipment.

Fuel Filler

Broken seal allowing water into the fuel tank.