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Cardinal Marks

Cardinal marks are used to warn of a danger. They are placed around the danger in relation to the four points of the compass. There are four different types of cardinal marks, one for each point of the compass. The north cardinal mark is placed to the north of the danger, the east to the east of the danger, the south to the south of the danger and the west to the west of the danger. It is important to be able to identify each cardinal mark by day or night so you can take the correct action to avoid the danger.

Touch or Click the markers.

North Cardinal

White VQ or Q

diagram of quick flash

East Cardinal

White VQ(3) every 5 seconds or
White Q(3) every 10 seconds

diagram of flashes

South Cardinal

White VQ(6) + LFl every 10 seconds or
White Q(6) + LFl every 15 seconds

diagram of flashes

West Cardinal

White VQ(9) every 10 seconds or
White Q(9) every 15 seconds

diagram of flashes

Test Yourself

Drag the cardinal marks to their correct positions around the danger.
Check which way is North!